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Location: Melbourne, Australia

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:26 pm    Post subject: Chunkhead If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote


Well I'm Simon and I've owned my JA Starion for a bit over 3 years. What started out as a car to get me by has now become a passion. I will NEVER not own a Starion.

I love the history, the ups and downs and especially the rarity of the car. I cannot see my motoring life without one!

I bought my car for $3000. It was not in the best of condition, but the body was straight, all the bits were there and I got a heap of spare parts too. It originally needed a new clutch and I shopped around. This is how I met Chris. 'Beyond The Limit' could offer me a Heavy Duty clutch for much less then anywhere else could offer me a standard clutch, so the choice was simple.

I owned the car for only a week when the harmonic balancer came off the block at 100kph. I managed to get it off to the side of the road, belts and all were missing. I locked her up, alarmed it and went home (10.30pm). Next morning I arrive back to find this...

Yep, someone slid in off the freeway at 100kph and hit the back of her. Amazingly only the rear bar was damaged...

Anyway, car was shipped to Chris who quickly realised the car. He had been consulted on the balancer issue and had told the previous owner to repair it. Wasn't done, and more importantly he said nothing when selling it!

I rang and demanded money back as the car was not what he sold me. Initially he was reluctant to co-operate, but on mentioning Chris' name he coughed up $1000 back the next day!

Chris managed to repair the damage for a small amount and sent me on my way. He left me with one warning though. On inspection of the engine, he gave it's lifespan less then six months...

Not to be, with cash being a problem, the new engine wasn't coming anytime soon and I had to make do. The engine lasted for 3 years, seized turbo, cracked\smashed pistons, little or no compression, used more oil then fuel, leaking injectors, the list goes on.

In January 2007, the new engine was completed. The little Starion that could even drove it's broke ass to Chris' to die, bless him!

With the old engine out and the new engine finished, I got my ass in gear and decided to clean up the engine bay. I completely degreased and resprayed the bay, had some parts powdercoated and I installed the engine. Here are some pics of the progress at the time...

The car is always going to be a work in progress. The new engine is only a stock, but I do own all the MPI parts which will be completed when I can afford a computer.

I have:

* L300 Manifold
* L300 Dizzy
* RX-7 550cc injectors (Not big enough, but will do to start!)
* Patience

I've also made some cosmetic changes to the interior. I have made goos use of VHT's 'Vinyl Dye' for both the doors and carpets. I have also used it on the dash. I used anthor paint which is only found in specialty stores or the U.S called"Krylon Fusion'. This paint is especially for plastics. It will not chip, crack, fade or wear. It's like steel. I have used this for my centre console with amazing results! I also have a 'one off' rear wing that everybody wants...

Here's some pics...

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